Final Reading Logs

posted Oct 13, 2014, 11:28 PM by
And so we have closed our first chapter on Independent Reading.  Two new reading logs have been designed by the students--one paper and one electronic (see image at left.)  I would like to thank all the students who worked hard to come up with ideas and designs.  And a special thanks goes out to SuA, Katie, Michelle, Rebekah, Eunice, Gabe & Christian who put in extra time to make final revisions to their logs before putting them into circulation.  We have also produced some excellent book reviews that will be added to our Library’s computer system.  Patrons of the library will be able to access our reviews when they search for a book using the library’s online catalogue system called Destiny. We hope that our reviews will be instrumental in helping them make more informed choices as readers about whether or not to check the book out and read it.  We all have created reading goals that are personal and meaningful to each individual, and we will be working towards these goals over the remainder of this quarter.  And yes, we will be using our snazzy new reading logs, which have plenty of space for commenting on books, and even a special section dedicated to recording online reading! 
(This post was written Sept 5, 2014, but was lost until October!)