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2014-09-17 Thursday

posted Sep 18, 2014, 12:29 AM by Karin Krisetya
1. Mark your script with places where you need to remember to enunciate certain sounds.  (Draw the letter very large, or circle or underline the letter.)
2. Describe your character/role using what you know from the story and your imagination.  (Write the description on your script's front page.) Ex. OLD MAN: Crooked back, no family, sad, likes to play checkers.
3.  Describe your character's voice.  (Write the description on your script's front page.) Ex. OLD MAN: scratchy and halting. Use this table to help you find some good descriptive words for a voice:

breathy: with a lot of breath in the voice

gravelly: low and rough

high-pitched: using a lot of high tone

low-pitched: using a lot of low tone

hoarse:  like you have a sore throat

honeyed: very sweet

monotonous:  does not change tone (like speaking on one note)

nasal:  as if speaking through the nose

shrill:  high and unpleasant

singsong:  voice almost sounds like music because a lot of varying tone is used, often in a rhythmic pattern

softly spoken:  quiet gentle voice

booming: loud and drawing attention

quavering:  not steady, usually because you are nervous or afraid

accented:  using an accent from another country

ringing:  loud and clear (like bells)

halting:  with awkward pauses in between words