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2014-09-17 Thursday

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1. Mark your script with places where you need to remember to enunciate certain sounds.  (Draw the letter very large, or circle or underline the letter.)
2. Describe your character/role using what you know from the story and your imagination.  (Write the description on your script's front page.) Ex. OLD MAN: Crooked back, no family, sad, likes to play checkers.
3.  Describe your character's voice.  (Write the description on your script's front page.) Ex. OLD MAN: scratchy and halting. Use this table to help you find some good descriptive words for a voice:

breathy: with a lot of breath in the voice

gravelly: low and rough

high-pitched: using a lot of high tone

low-pitched: using a lot of low tone

hoarse:  like you have a sore throat

honeyed: very sweet

monotonous:  does not change tone (like speaking on one note)

nasal:  as if speaking through the nose

shrill:  high and unpleasant

singsong:  voice almost sounds like music because a lot of varying tone is used, often in a rhythmic pattern

softly spoken:  quiet gentle voice

booming: loud and drawing attention

quavering:  not steady, usually because you are nervous or afraid

accented:  using an accent from another country

ringing:  loud and clear (like bells)

halting:  with awkward pauses in between words